Risk Management & Information Security

The Risk Management and Information Security practice is uniquely positioned to help Clients mitigate risk and optimize their P&L performance by relying on sound processes, controls and use of technology.

Credit Approval Processes and Practices

  • Review credit origination process to identify opportunities to minimize credit chargeoffs and fraud in the future

Portfolio Management

  • Conduct portfolio review to improve long term profitability by reducing credit losses via proper segmentation, credit line management, and risk  pricing programs


  • Conduct Best Practices Gap Analysis to ensure the organization is maximizing collection efforts and recoveries. Review account segmentation and collection strategy definitions to identify opportunities for improvement.  Develop payment plans according to market needs and the financial environment

Fraud prevention

  • Identify opportunities to reduce fraud by implementing Industry Best Practices in fraud operations and alert management. Improve fraud detection capabilities, speed and technology applications

Information Security Consulting

  • Improve overall data protection in financial organizations. Identify vulnerabilities in technology deployment and reduce exposure against internal and external attacks

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